Rent or Purchase 

$50/week or $760

Purchase for $450

Rent or Purchase 

$50/week or $600

Before booking your flight, we would advise you to read the fine print on the airlines bike policies. Certain airlines charge more than others.

Biknd- Jetpack

Lightweight, Inflatable, Compact  

Works with any kind of bike! This case holds your bike in place with its fully adjustable aluminum and plastic base that attaches to both the front and rear axle of your bike. Got a mountain bike with thru-axles? No problem for the Biknd Jetpack! Included are the necessary adapters for all XC, DH, FR, Road and Enduro bikes. Strap in two wheels and pump up the included airbags to add even more protection.

Dimensions: Height-80cm (31.5in) Length-130cm (51in) Width-25cm (10in) Weight- 8kg (17.6lbs)  

Thule Round Trip

Hard Shell, Built in Bike Stand

The ultimate hard case protection.  Disassemble your bike in the included bike stand that doubles as a bike holder supporting your bike while in the case. ABS constructed walls enclose your bike supplying the best protection. Included adapters fit quick release, 15mm, and 20mm thru axles.

Dimensions: Height- 37in, Length- 54in, Width- 15in, Weight- 15.8kg

Biknd- Helium 

Lightweight, Inflatable, Compact  

One of the simplest cases but the most versatile. It has a hardshell bottom and front nose with 4 wheels for mobility. Nylon sides with inflatable airbags on each side of the bike frame to keep the case light and for added protection.  Fits 4 wheels (2 on each side) carbon or aluminum rims. Deflate and stow under your bed in cramped hotel rooms on the road!

Watch the video and see how easy it is to pack! 

Dimensions: Height-85cm (33.5in) Length-127cm (50in) Width-31cm (12in) Weight- 11kg (24lbs)  

Taking your bike on vacation?

We do not recommend using cardboard or buying a cheap bike case.  Bikes are expensive, whether its a Road, TT, Triathlon, or Mountain bike, you want to make sure it's safe!  Airlines require you to pack up your bike in order to travel. They are not as fragile with your bike as you would be. So what you need is a top of the line case that is easy to pack. 

We did all the research and found the safest, lightest, and most easy to use bike cases around! The top cases are from Biknd, and Thule Round Trip Transition. 

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