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Before booking your flight, we would advise you to read the fine print on the airlines bike policies. Certain airlines charge more than others.


Buy or Rent?

We rent only the best cases and racks. For individuals who are occasional users, who do not have the storage space or who want the added security of using the best, renting is the best option.   

Where are you located and where do we pick up/ drop off the items? 

We are very flexible on pickup times and with notice we can be flexible on a pickup location. Our location is in South West Kitchener where Ira Needles Blvd meets Trussler Rd. 

Are the Roof Boxes easy to install? 

The Thule Roof Boxes that we offer are no tools required. In most cases the box can be installed on your vehicle in 5 minutes! 

Will a Roof Box fit on my car?

Have a look at the bottom section of our Cargo Roof Boxes page. We currently can fit a few customized vehicles but not all and this will change in the near future. New parts and products are being added to our line up so feel free to Contact Us with your vehicle model and we will let you know for sure. 

Can you pack my bike for me? 

For an extra fee and with notice this can be arranged. But with the Bike Boxes we offer you should only need simple tools to assemble and disassemble your bike. And unless I get to go on vacation with you, you will need to know how to repack your bike!

Can you pack a disc wheel in your Bike Boxes? 

Yes. Each box will accept a disc wheel. Disc's are fragile but with most standard boxes the hubs have to overlap. This is is not the case with the Biknd and with the B&W International (where you pack the disc on its own on one side of the bike, packing only 3 wheels total).

Is one box safer then the other?

Each box is approved by us for use and one is not necessarily better then the other. We have tried other makes and models and found the few that are the safest and we would trust with our own bikes. 

  • Biknd- Light and easy to manoeuvre and stow
  • B&W- Heavier but the hard shell adds piece of mind

Can you pack other accessories in the Bike Boxes?

Yes. Shoes, helmet, clothes, tools, etc can all be packed in the extra space in between the bike frame. Please note that you must stay within the airline weight limit.