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The Start to 2017- Races, Teams
February 6, 2017

I’m hoping everyone is thinking the same thing right about now; what is going on this year with crit racing?

Well I am.

Come on USA Cycling. The water cooler doesn’t need someone to hold it up.

With the amount of big name races and historic events North America has to offer, USA Cycling decides to throw in a new rule. The Pro Road Tour (PRT) will not have overlapping event dates. Sure, the prestigious events should have the best racers. But who sits in those meetings saying, “No, we don’t need anymore races, or money”.

Go back to the split schedule of National Race Calendar (NRC) and National Crit Calendar (NCC). Teams got to choose what schedule they wished to follow and with more races to offer. Most teams that are now chasing the PRT, rarely even bother showing up to the top-level crit. So why cater to them.

I refresh USA Crits website daily. The “released by December” tag got taken down, so now I hired a private investigator to look into it.  Is there even going to be a series?!?

How do we not know if there is a major crit in March? I could be racing in less then 30 days. It could help being a full time racer, if there were actual races to prepare for.

Hats off to Oklahoma City weekend for personally messaging me about race dates. Sucks you were left off the PRT calendar due to overlapping dates with the Philadelphia Cycling Classic. Oh wait, that got canceled…

To create a spark of interest in the North American Crit scene, I’ve gathered a list of teams that have announced their squads and chase the crit calendar. There are some interesting changes going on in 2017.

To start, UHC has announced the dismemberment of the crit team. Yes sad, no more blue train, but that opens some of the major PRT crits to new tactics and possibly new winners. While some UCH team members retired, a few are still racing.

It's not new news but you wont see the red train this year either. Astellas Pro Cycling, while having the most successful year, couldn't find a replacement title sponsor. Some members are still racing, others are still unannounced. It could be a surprise once they hit the start line.

Cylance, on paper, has the best crit team. While they are supposedly focusing on stage races this year, it will be interesting to see which events they target.

Hollywood signed with Texas Road House, along with a few long time members of his previous teams. CCB Velotooler announced they would have a crit team under the leadership of Sam Rosenholtz which could be an interesting program to follow. Rally has the USA Pro Crit Champion Brad Huff. And Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b Hincapie Sportswear, when they do in fact show up to a race, be prepared to work hard!

Have a peak at the list I created below. This is not a final copy and it was compiled by yours truly poking around the Internet. Feel free to send me a note with an up to date team list or if you are not listed.



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